Waterfront Homes for Sale in Lake George, NY

vacation homes for sale Lake George, NY Lake George calls itself the birthplace of the American vacation and America’s favorite getaway. These titles are not without some merit. The tale begins with a traveler by the name of William H. H. Murray who chronicled his adventures in a popular book. After reading his work, many Americans took to the Adirondacks where he visited, to experience some adventure for themselves. This resulted in this area becoming an established community in the protected Adirondack region. Here’s why you should begin your next big adventure by looking up vacation homes for sale Lake George NY.

Haven for the Outdoorsy

In its earliest years, it was its natural resources that drew people to the location. This is still the reason many visitors return today. From camping beneath the starlit sky to various water activities like canoeing, kayaking, white water tubing and rafting, and fishing the Hudson river while observing the wildlife that frequents the hiking trails, this city creates the perfect haven for people who love nature and the great outdoors.

As a result, some of the top attractions in the area include the following:

  • Revolution Railroad Co.
  • Warren County Bikeway
  • Shoreline Cruises
  • Adirondack Eagle Flyer Zip Line
  • Natural Stone Bridge and Caves
  • Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course

Opportunities for Relaxation

If you are more interested in putting your feet up with a glass of wine or exploring the history of the area, there are many opportunities to do so. The town is home to several breweries, wineries, restaurants, museums and beaches. You can also watch hockey games, enjoy an evening listening to the symphony orchestra or savor other theater productions.

Because of this, New Yorkers who have the opportunity to work remotely often live here part or full time to escape the city. The fresh air and large home lots are a welcome escape from overcrowded urban areas and a short drive from historical sites and top colleges. Many people come from all over just to look for waterfront homes for sale in Lake George NY. Some residents also work in nearby towns, such as Saratoga, Bolton, Glens Falls and Albany.

Great Home Value

As a result of all these amazing perks of being in Lake George, the homes in the area hold their value exceptionally well. If you are looking to invest in one of our wonderful private vacation homes for sale in Lake George NY, prices are generally a million or higher.

If you are not especially committed to the idea of a luxury home, however, there are some smaller homes, condos and townhouses in the $200,000s range that may be worth considering. Despite being a large initial investment, the appreciation over time and potential for rental revenue makes it a worthy investment.

Invest in Your Getaway Home

Whether you choose to live here or only visit for the summer holidays, this area is an excellent choice for purchasing a home. Though the real estate can be expensive, we know the market well enough to match you with a home that best suits your budget and preferences. For more information about waterfront homes for sale Lake George NY, contact Linda L. Gatewood at 518-644-2243.

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