Vacation Homes for Sale in Bolton Landing NY

waterfront homes for sale Bolton Landing, NY Located just north of the famous village of Lake George is Bolton Landing. The historical town is a prime luxury vacation spot and is known for its rich history. The most famous structure in Bolton Landing is the The Sagamore Resort. The hotel at the resort is a renovated Victorian-era structure and thus as much a symbol of history as wealth. If you love historical sites and beautiful natural landscapes, here is why you should start looking up vacation homes for sale Bolton Landing NY.

Outdoor Activities

Bolton Landing shares plenty in common with its neighbor, Lake George. In fact, they both share access to the actual waterbody of Lake George, making it possible to find waterfront homes for sale Bolton Landing NY. From watersports to mountain hikes, here are some of the main attractions you can look forward to in Bolton:

  • Cat Mountain
  • Thomas Mountain
  • Rogers Memorial Park
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Tongue Mountain Range Trails
  • Lake George Sightseeing Cruises
Note that skiing, boating, fishing and hiking are extremely popular activities in the area. Many residents and tourists also spend a lot of time horseback riding.

Rich History

As previously mentioned, Bolton is a great place to enjoy a taste of history. Aside from the famous hotel, there are also museums that are worth visiting. One such museum is The Sembrich. The museum offers visitors the opportunity to relive the Golden Era of Opera in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Films, concerts and lectures also take place at this location throughout the year. Bolton Historical Museum is another good option. It is especially loved by people who are fascinated with boats and naval history.

Great Location

Some would say Bolton Landing has less to offer than more popular locations, such as the village of Lake George. However, it is arguably a more affordable place to live and still close enough to take advantage of many of the same attractions. Bolton Landing is 30 miles north of Saratoga Springs and 60 miles north of Albany. Subsequently, many residents choose to live in the area and work remotely, while several others commute to Saratoga and Albany for work.

This creates the perfect opportunity to take advantage of living in a beautiful vacation spot without breaking the bank or completely giving up city life. You can find beautiful homes in Bolton Landing in the $200,000s to half a million range. Condos and townhouses are also available at lower prices. For buyers who prefer luxury homes, there are several multi-million-dollar mansions on the market.

Find Your Vacation Home

Bolton Landing’s historical location and close proximity to the state capital and top colleges make it a prime spot for vacation or full-time living. For more information on how you can make your primary or secondary home in Bolton Landing a reality, contact Linda L. Gatewood at 518-644-2243.

Linda L. Gatewood
Linda L. Gatewood
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